The Importance of local SEO to a Business

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The Importance of local SEO to a Business

Let’s start with the basics. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And other than its dire necessity in the digital age we now live in; it’s a process which increases your website visibility by using hundreds of online factors fused into one website. We’ll start by naming a few important SEO factors:

Citations, and
Search engine friendly coding.

So, why do you need SEO? And why should you focus on finding the best DC SEO agency? Well, a website which is rich with relevant keywords, properly directed internal and external links, is listed in every appropriate directory and contains strategically structured coding will help search engines index your site and increase your relevance in search results.

Guess what search engines want to do? Provide you with the absolute best results possible. If you’ve got engaging, high-quality content with keywords people search for — search engines will love to help move you on up and make your content easily accessible to thousands. Especially if you’re content is actually about your local area.

Changes in algorithms, as well as rules for ranking as a relevant result, are advancing. These changes are happening at incredible speeds as Google has implemented at least four new algorithms just in 2016 alone. Keeping up with all these changes…well, unless it’s your job, will take a lot of time away from running your business.

But wait, there’s good news! These changes are implemented to help customers find you! These changes are designed to significantly help your business if you just give search engines what they’re looking for. This is what we do best.

Ponder this… According to Google and Bing combined, almost 1,700 people search for a plumber or plumbing services in The DMV every single month. This is a city of about 200,000 people.

Now, the first result in Google organic results (the ten below the map results) gets anywhere from 35%-40% of the clicks. Now if I’m doing my math correctly…. That’s 1,190 people clicking on that first business.

Say of those 1,190 people, only a third call or email that plumbing company. Now we’re down to about 397 people a month. That equals out to about 13 clients a day. If you only made $150 off every customer (seems to be the average low price for a plumbing job, but I’m not a plumber, so this is just an educated, internet-researched guess) you would make about $60,000/month AT LEAST. So, at these generously low estimates, you would bring in about three-quarters of a million dollars in one year.

Average SEO cost for a plumber? For a good SEO company who can get you to the top spot – anywhere from $500-$5,000/month.

Let’s imagine you partnered with the most expensive SEO company out there at $5,000/month – because you’re a baller. And your website was number 3 which gets about 10% of the clicks, but you hired this company because you wanted to move to that first spot.

Now with the same math, moving from 10% of the clicks to 40% of the clicks, this means you’re paying $5k every month, to receive $34,450 more every month. And that’s at my generously low estimate. The numbers could potentially be double or more if you’ve got a team who can close a client once they have them on the phone.

I’ve personally never seen any investments with that high of a payoff. I would never tell someone “No, I won’t trade you $5k for $35k”. I hope this SEO stuff is now making some more sense to you and why it’s so vital. Now bear with me, grab some coffee, and let’s keep rolling. Trust me; you’re going to want to keep reading.

Whether or not your business offers services online, having a website developer who understands SEO will increase your visibility, lead generation, and credibility.
SEO assists you in getting your information to whoever’s looking for it in a matter of seconds. (Gotta love technology). Search engine users like you and I will typically choose to click on the first page of results listed from whatever keyword phrase we type in.
So it’s important for your site to achieve the highest ranking possible – in essence, it’s key for your business to be visible. Most great SEO companies know how to research keywords for any industry. Implementing these keywords just the right amount of times will ensure that you appear high in the search results for some keyword combinations.

But beware – If your site is about baby penguins, and your site looks like this:
Baby penguins are awesome. I love baby penguins because they are so cute. I can’t believe there are people in this world who don’t like baby penguins as much as I do. At least nobody clubs baby penguins like they do baby seals.
I could keep going, but I don’t want Google to start thinking this site is about baby penguins. Oops there I go again. Anyways, DELETE IT.
This is an old strategy called “black hat SEO.” It used to work. Search engines got smart, realized it was spammy, and now, thankfully it doesn’t work.
Personally, I love getting results showing sites containing information on exactly what I was searching for, and not sites spammed with sentences like the one above. Anyways, people are using the internet now more than ever. And the population just keeps going up. As more people search on terms related to your business, more people will find you again and again.

Appearing in the top results across consecutive searches increases your credibility in a consumer’s mind, making it more likely that they will click through to your website and take advantage of your product or service and even remember your name in the future.
Imagine if you had a restaurant on every corner, in every convenient spot all over the world? Oh, wait…McDonalds…*cough*
SEO is the backbone and foundation of your site. It’s an investment that keeps on building. Imagine if every McDonald’s restaurant was continually improving, looking better and better every time you went? And even tasting better? Serving you even faster every time?

Unlike your average business owner or website developer, it’s your SEO expert’s job to do digital marketing research and SEO analysis. A good SEO consulting company understands how internet users search for things as well as how Google and other search engines choose what results to display. It takes years of research and experience to develop the kind of in-depth, professional understanding of SEO tools that will return the effective results you need.

Your SEO consultant’s job is to analyze your site for all factors affecting SEO and then, of course, to make them better. This is far from simple, requiring advanced knowledge of technical skills such as coding and web design; advanced knowledge of your market, including target customers and key search terms; advanced knowledge of effective internet marketing strategies, including local SEO and other lead generation strategies; and experience in SEO marketing with different types of businesses in order to tailor their SEO services precisely to your needs.

Additionally, SEO agencies are equipped to provide quantifiable results. Your SEO company will track things like your site ranking, web traffic, and conversion rates to gain insights into which strategies are working most efficiently and to pinpoint areas of success and opportunities for growth. The analytics provided by SEO research and is used in your SEO expert’s tactics and will allow insight into your company’s target demographics, creating extra-effective lead generation and higher conversion rates.

What will my SEO Expert do?
SEO just boils down to making quality content readily available online. It sounds simple, but with the sheer volume of information on the web, creating a site that will consistently rise to the top is a both science and an art form. An SEO marketing company will make your website as user-friendly as possible and allow it to be readily categorized by search engines. This will help your site attain higher rankings in search results, so your business gets more exposure, more visits, and ultimately more customers.

A quality SEO service will
offer SEO analysis of your existing website
review strategies currently in place
consult with you about your new business if you’re just getting started
research and apply keywords
develop quality content
create or correct website programming
insert or improve external and internal links
ensure that metadata includes keywords to improve relevance in search results
structure site code for search engine compliance and efficient cataloging
link pages to the site to improve overall visibility
test your site for visibility, ease of use, and accuracy

SEO terms you should know:

Local SEO: Local SEO has become a powerful facet of internet marketing strategy, as it takes advantage of Google search and business directory sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to provide location-specific results ensuring that local searchers find your business along with your location, phone number, and website. Mobile search has long outnumbered desktop search as people increasingly search the web from their cell phones to locate businesses near wherever they happen to be. Considering the rising market trends of shopping local, engaging in local SEO marketing and offering an efficient mobile platform should be standard practice for businesses of all sizes. Local SEO services will help you capture the business right at your doorstep.

Google SEO: SEO isn’t strictly related to Google search results, but Google, with useful results and a wide range of other helpful services, has become the most widely used and trusted search engine across the web worldwide. SEO companies offering Google SEO services will specifically use their advanced knowledge of Google’s functions and algorithms to tailor your site in such a way that it will meet the criteria Google has set for cataloging and ranking websites so that your business will appear in the top Google results for keyword searches.

Lead generation: Lead generation is simply the process of creating consumer interest in a product or service. Your leads are the people interested in your business — lead generation is the act of capturing that attention. Google SEO is one type of lead generation, and it works by helping Google’s users find you efficiently. Other types of lead generation include publishing relevant content and tools such as fact sheets and checklists, holding giveaways, offering email subscriptions, and other activities designed to attract leads to your business. Lead generation companies work by examining the ways you currently reach out to potential customers and implementing improved strategies to make sure more potential customers know about your business.

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Using hashtags on Twitter to reach new customers.

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Using hashtags on Twitter to reach new customers.

The remarkable rise of Twitter has led to the introduction of new words to our everyday language. Everyone now knows that a tweet isn’t just a noise that a bird makes. Likewise, people instantly recognize what you mean when you use the word hashtag.
Hashtagging is one of the most attractive aspects of Twitter. It is also one of the most useful, and sometimes confusing, part of Twitter for marketers. If used correctly, they can help you find the potential customers who are likely to be interested in your brand or product. So let’s take a look at how Twitter hashtags work, so that you may get a better understanding of how to use it as part of your marketing strategy.

Hashtags are words and phrases meant to convey a theme, topic, or subject. They appear after the main text of an article after the # sign. In some ways, hashtags work like keywords in search engines. They are words and phrases that are made up of what people look for when they are looking for a certain theme or subject matter. What this means for you as a marketer is an opportunity to reach people outside of your base of already established followers. In other words, you can reach individuals who are not already aware of you.
When you place a hashtag, it becomes a link that when clicked on will bring a user to a page with tweets that contain that hashtag. They do not already have to be following the user to see that tweet; they just have to be interested in the subject. So, for example, if someone is interested in baseball, they can look for tweets using the #baseball. There are thousands of hashtags covering a variety of themes.

With so many hashtags, and so much potential to reach brand new customers, it can be tempting to overuse (or misuse) hashtags. As a result, marketers often make two big mistakes in their hashtag usage.
Mistake one is simply using too many hashtags. The limit for Twitter is 140 characters, including hashtags. So while you may be tempted to try and hit as many categories as possible to cast a wider net, remember to focus on the message of the tweet first and the hashtags after.
Mistake two is going too broad, or too narrow with your hashtags. In the example used above, the #baseball is very comprehensive and may not help you if your aim is to sell baseball gloves. A more accurate hashtag like #catchersmitt would likely be more useful. Likewise, unless you are specifically trying to launch a new hashtag campaign, in most cases you want to make sure you are using tweets that are already in use. Twitter will show you how many times a hashtag is being used when you begin to enter it in.

It’s always a challenge bringing in new customers. After all, to grow your brand, you need to attract new people and not just market to your established audience. This is, or course, easier said than done. However, Twitter’s hashtag system provides a novel way to bring in new business at virtually no cost.

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Interesting Fact About Internet

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The utilization of internet these days has truly upstaged every one of the propensities on the planet that we used to know. Actually, it as of now turned into a piece of the day by day routine for a great many people to the point that their day is deficient without checking their messages, refreshing Facebook status, perusing for the most recent news and drifts, or notwithstanding playing a solitary internet diversion. To be sure, it has incredibly impacted today’s ways of life. It is therefore that internet clients are searching for approaches to have a propelled association. Maybe you have ached for it as well. Really you can discover more about nearby internet choices in your general vicinity. At any rate, much the same as whatever other things besides, the internet has extraordinary impacts in the ways of life of many individuals.

The world has turned out to be littler-With the approach of neighborhood internet, the world has, in reality, turned out to be littler consistently. Whatever you do, it appears that practically everything is done as such quick. Life has never been this less difficult and more sensible. In only a split of a moment, you can shop on the web, make business exchanges through email, explore on an assortment of themes, have a virtual discussion with somebody as though eye to eye, play with any other person around the globe, and a ton more.

The internet has completely challenged time and space to such an extent that every one of the occasions worldwide is flashed in front of the traditional media. This progressive innovative headway has made world landmasses appear to be nearer. It is extremely astonishing to note that a nearby internet will fill in as the scaffold between your present area and to that of alternate parts of the world. By one means or another, this gives a feeling that will either urge you to seek after life and profession elsewhere or to stay where you are presently dwelling.

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Effect of Internet

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After the approach of internet, a considerable measure of things have changed. They needed to, in view of the power internet had inside. It is a wonder such as this that if any individual who passed on 100 years prior now awakens by any supernatural occurrence and experience this, he/she would state, “this is not planet earth, presumably I’m renewed in another propelled planet!” In spite of the fact that this article requests a short depiction at this phase about what internet is, I’m not going to say that since individuals definitely comprehend what this is. Around 1734 million individuals overall utilize internet today and this is 380% expansion of the quantity of internet clients of the year 2000. This is an immense open contribution to change or to rethink a ton of things, correct? Internet has taken a lot of our time we used to spend in hunting down data, engaging ourselves and notwithstanding working for occupation.

One of my showcasing educators once told in our class that when he alongside his companions were understudies like us, they used to race to the library after any task given by their instructors to deal with the pertinent books before others do. “That was a significant rivalry” he included and furthermore stated, “We needed to peruse 10 pages to keep in touch with one sentence while, I think about how simple this ‘data seeking’ has been for you by dint of internet!” Yes, this is valid. Internet is another world.

It’s a universe of data with fast inquiry and channel highlights fueled via web crawlers like Google, hurray and so forth. The energy of internet has influenced every one of us; with significant push being hit upon the business division. Internet has engaged the general shoppers with the capacity to look at among loads of item or administration alternatives as showed on their PC screen.

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